Come out to a free class and try the first few moves of the Tai Chi set.  Participate in the “Introduction to Tai Chi” class and learn some moves from the Tai Chi set.  Meet your instructor and have any of your questions or concerns addressed.  You can register to join the class during the first month of the class.  Click to view all of the Locations in and around London.

It is recommended that you choose one class to attend so that you learn the moves of the set in the correct order.  You are welcome to attend any other class that is offered with the understanding that the group may not be at the same point in the set as your class.  The online schedule provides a list of all of the Introduction to Tai Chi classes offered in London.

As a member you are welcome to attend any class or special event.  We organize regular half day “Set Review” classes as a way to review the sequence and practice the moves of the set.  The “Play Tai Chi” are also half day Tai Chi intensives which provides an opportunity to go into more depth examining the moves of the set and the foundation exercises.


Fall New Classes

Start DateLocationDayTime
October 9North CentreTuesdays12 PM to 2 PM
October 1South CentreMondays11 AM to 1 PM
September 17South CentreMondays7:30 PM to 9:30 PM
October 2South CentreTuesdays6 PM to 8 PM
September 6North WestThursdays10 AM to 12 PM
October 9South WestTuesdays1 PM to 3 PM

North Centre: Spencer Lodge – Scouts Canada; 531 Windermere Road

South Centre: Elmwood Ave Presbyterian Church; 111 Elmwood Ave

North West: St. Ansgar Lutheran Church; 600 Lawson Road

South West: St. Anne’s Anglican Church; 1344 Commissioners Rd W